Wheels of Charity

Francisco Sagastume, Founder

Wheels of Charity has been active for eleven years serving the people of Guatemala. It all started with a wheel chair that was bought on a yard sale in the Los Angeles area and then taken to Guatemala. Since then 80 wheel chairs have been donated, as well as crutches, walkers and Medicine. In 1990 Francisco organized the first surgeries bringing specialists from Guatemala city to perform operations in the remote areas of his country . The organization's focus is on medical care of the Mayans in Northern Guatemala. Arrangements are made for critical medical care for children with birth defects and adults with catastrophic injuries.

From November 2000 to April 2001 Wheels of Charity supervised and directed the construction of a clinic in a village that had to walk over a day to get to medical care. The clinic is staffed by volunteers from government clinics in a distant city. The organization makes the arrangements for doctors from Guatemala City government hospital to perform the surgeries for the Mayans.

Doctors supporting Wheels of Charity with their time and Services.
Doctor Gustavo Palencia, surgeon specialist in Laparoscopy, Director of the Antigua Guatemala Hospital was the very first to come, he was followed by Doctor Jose A. Del Busto, Director of the Largest government owned Hospital of all Guatemala, the Roosevelt Hospital, Doctor Rodolfo Asencio a Cleft lip and Palate Surgeon, Doctor Julio Sagastume H, Plastic Surgeon from the Pediatric foundation, Doctor Armando Bendaña, Orthopedist, Doctor Arturo Carranza, Gastroenterologist , Doctor Vinicio Vettorazzi, gynecologist, Doctor Guillermo Echeverria, surgeon, Doctor Gustavo Velasquez, surgeon and others such as Dentist Dr. Norberto Fernandez are now involved in the success of this Program. Cleft lip, Palate Brain Shunts for hydrocephalic babies, gall bladder Laparoscopic Surgeries, prostate, circumcision , Plastic Surgeries of all kinds, Prostate, uterus and gynecology problems, hemorrhoids and all sort of trauma cases are now being performed at no cost.

Wheels of Charity provides the Transportation for personnel , materials and equipment to be used, Majors from the area provide the hotel and the meals, social and health workers help selecting the cases.

Mayors of Peten Department (State)
Sr. Cristobal Calderon Alvarez, Mayor of Dolores
Prof. Juan Francisco Oliva, Mayor of Poptun
Sr. Noe Amezquita Gonzalez, Mayor of San Luis

Central Government of Guatemala
Sra.Margarita de Mijangos, Secretary to First Lady (Presidents wife)
Sra Margarita coordinates the efforts of the First Lady.
The First Lady oversees the Humanitarian efforts in Guatemala

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