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January 2003 Newsletter

Five Year Summary

January 2003 January 2003

"Because I have been given much, I too must give..."

"In Kenya women and children are dying because they do not have the three dollars necessary to pay for their healthcare"

We need your help:

  • Please forward the name of local clinics and hospitals that we can contact for equipment donations.
  • Do you know of someone buying new medical equipment?
  • Do you know someone that will help us with the cost of shipping by making a $100 or $200 donation?


Since 1992 the founder of Worldwide Medical Support (WMS) has been sending medical supplies to third world countries supporting various physicians' charitable work and requests for specific medical supplies.

Medical supplies and equipment donations increased in volume during the period of 1995 to 2000. The primary countries supported during this time period were Guatemala and Haiti.

The monetary value of donations increased by the year 2000 necessitating the formal establishment of a 501(C)3 charity.

Since the year 2000 WMS has been supporting the work of "Wheels of Charity" a Guatemalan NGO. In addition, WMS has been supporting the work of several physicians and surgeons doing charitable work in Guatemala, India, Mexico, Kenya and Nigeria.

WMS has no paid staff and minimal corporate "over-head". WMS only sends medical supplies or related assistance that is requested by an NGO or healthcare provider.

Organizations Supported

Wheels of Charity - Paco Sagastume; Antigua, Guatemala

Hospital "Rodolfo Robles" Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Gary Langley, Photographer, Kittery, Maine

Dr. Deepak Das; Rual Clinic in India

Dr Marshall Brown: Saginaw, MI; ENT clinics in Guatemala

Dr Jon Fielder: Kijabe Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya

Professor Angelicus Onasanya: Chief G. O. & Mrs. P. A. Onasanya Memorial Health Center located at the Tai Solarin College of Education, Ijagun, Nigeria.

Cruz Roja Mexicana Delegacion Isla Mujeres

Orphanage and Medical Clinic, Kibe Nakuru, Kenya.

Medical Clinic, Nairobi, Kenya.

Healthcare Service Provided

WMS is able to provide almost limitless medical supplies, medical equipment, wheel chairs, food staples, educational supplies (including books in Spanish), nutritional supplements including children's vitamins, and personal hygiene products. We also have access to a considerable supply of surgical instruments. The products we donate are free, however, we charge a small handling fee to cover the cost of our handling the product. All items are inspected, inventory done and re-pack when needed for all of our products. We only send materials and medical supplies or medical equipment that have been requested. No "out of date" items are shipped. We do not ship items that cannot be supported.

We need your tax deductible support:

  1. Your donation of medical supplies.
  2. Your donation of medical equipment.
  3. Your monetary donation.

Worldwide Medical Support

1243 S 800

Kaysville, UT 84037


(801) 529-3033


Current active Projects

We send wheel chairs, walkers, pulmonary function systems and assorted medical supplies to Guatemala. We have significant difficulty getting medical equipment into Guatemala.

We are supporting an NGO in Guatemala - Wheels of Charity. We send wheel chairs, walkers and various medical supplies.

We are supporting an ENT physician from Saginaw, MI and the audiology work that he provides to the people of Guatemala.

We send medical supplies to India in support of one of our Board Members who is an Internist. We have significant difficulty getting medical equipment into India.

We send medical supplies to a rural medical clinic in Mexico with an anesthesiologist.

We are actively sending medical supplies and medical equipment to a medical clinic in Kenya and Nigeria.

Sources of Income

Since September 11, 2001, monetary donations have been minimal.We have recently actively pursued the brokering of new and used medical equipment. The profits from these activities provide the necessary funds to maintain the charitable work provided.

We will continue our on-line marketing of merchandise at below wholesale prices. This is income stream and the website support have been donated by Jeff Marsh and Kent Hansen.

We will continue to pursue medical equipment and medical supply donations from supporters of our work.

Plans For 2003

Continue to broker and sell medical supplies and medical equipment to benefit WMS charitable works.

Continue to support medical clinics in Nigeria, Kenya, Guatemala and Ecuador.

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