Mobile Medical/x-ray/dental Clinic
Mobile Medical Clinic (Outside View)  Floorplan

Mobile Clinic

A Mobile Clinic that could visit several villages in turn is a very effective approach to the problems observed. It would be the most cost effective method, avoiding the costly construction of several standing facilities. To accomplish this, mobile unit will be assembled and delivered to Guatemala. The Mobile Clinic will be housed in a recycled mobile Cat-Scan trailer. The size of the trailer will make it possible to have a fully equipped facility that can relocate weekly to several different major villages.

The Mobile Clinic will be furnished with recycled diagnostic and medical equipment. The trailer was originally equipped to carry a heavy Cat Scanner between hospitals in the USA. This area has only rough roads. The structure's unique construction will make it very effective carrying and supporting the newly installed equipment over these roads. It also comes with AIR CONDITIONING. This will make working in the hot humid jungle climate more convenient and less stressful on all involved.

The size of the mobile unit will allow for full medical diagnostic support. This will include a small lab, an ultrasound and an x-ray unit. The unit will have a dentist office for dental care that is not available anywhere in the target area. This is a very unique service that is not offered by any other rural medical services.

The Clinic will also provide a pharmacy because pharmacies are private and very expensive in the local areas. Because cost is so high, patients medicines are not purchased when they are necessary. The clinic pharmacy will make medicines available cheaply enough that they can be afforded by villagers being served. This can be achieved by purchasing directly from distributors and avoiding several wholesalers.

Mobile Medical Clinic Floor Plan
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