Eulogy given by John (Jack) Pasanen

Six Months ago when her death became a pressing reality, Karen said that she wished to be buried from St Camillus. It was in this church 50 years ago that Karen made her first communion and later was confirmed. For years Karen and I and our parents bought our Christmas trees next door at Rhanasto's gas station In this neighborhood on Davis St and High St she spent her childhood and youth. So today Karen has come home.

Karen died four days ago encircled by a ring of love, surrounded by her family.

Andy her devoted husband whose loving attentions and extraordinary care for his wife gave Karen three years more of life than her doctors had predicted.

Her three children, the gems of her heart and soul, David, Matthew and his new bride Julie, Martin, and me, her older brother.

In her last weeks Karen talked of many of you, recalling old times and events and often shedding generous tears over those recollections. She knew she was loved, cherished, and your gifts and calls and prayers made a big difference.

Karen was extraordinary in her selflessness. Her generosity of spirit always prompted her to find ways of putting the other person first. Sometime this way of being frustrated us who loved her, "What do you want Karen?" we would ask.. I want whatever you want." she would reply. I for one have come to see that she really meant that. She really found satisfaction in our achievement, in our happiness.

Karen had a nurse and a nurse's aid, two wonderful women, who visited her each day in the last few months, and without exception they left each visit brighter, lighter, more joyful than when they had arrived. She made them laugh with her witty – sometimes salty – comebacks and she brought tears to their eyes with her efforts to make their tasks easier for them.

Some of us have traveled great distances to be here with Karen today -- from Germany, and Colorado, Virginia , from northern NH --. But no matter how long our trip, all of us here today have shared in Karen's life journey and we are all richer more humane for being companions for some part of that journey.

I am sure that all of us will feel a great loss and sadness today and in the days and years to come. But I invite us all to celebrate her life to give thanks for the time that we did have with Karen, this beautiful person, and to give thanks, too, for the road that brought Karen home, in the end, to God.

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